Diamond Comparison

If you are considering buying a diamond online, rather than in person, here is something to think about:

You may think these two diamonds will look exactly alike (see image to the left). But, depending on slight variations in proportions, they could have two very different variations in brilliance.

Variation in brilliance is one of the potential risks you take when buying online. As a result, you do not always get the best value for your dollar. At best, the visual appearance of online diamond purchases can only be described by a salesperson who may or may not actually be looking at the stone. Seeing a diamond in person and experiencing the scintillation as well as the way your eye perceives the diamond's fire, is priceless. Not everyone will have the same opinion or quality of vision to judge the beauty of a diamond. Stop by Gold Art Jewelers to touch, see, handle and view a wide selection of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry.

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